Newsletter of Chaim BePlus

Money Lessons Post-Corona

…What lessons are we learning from Corona

Meet Our Mentors

…All of us wish for inspiring

!Our mentors are online

…The Corona virus can’t stop Chaim BePlus

יהודה פינהנדלר- קרית חינוך בית שמש

Bet Shemesh Welcomes Chaim BePlus

…Students at Yeshivat Kiryat Chinuch Bet Shemesh were delighted

Jerusalem Hanukkah Campaign

!It's a miracle

Nur Project

…Nur, an empowerment initiative for young

Cooperation with The Jerusalem Municipality

…The Jerusalem Municipality has initiated a project

Order your lulav and donate to Chaim BePlus

Chaim BePlus is participating in the
…nation-wide Netinat Lulav campaign

Give youth at risk a better year ahead

!Shana Tova to all the friends of Chaim BePlus and thank you for your support

Survey Results of our Graduates

…We polled our graduates 4 years after the course

Congratulations to our Graduates

!Congratulations and financial success to all our graduates this year

?What do the needy need

…Chaim BePluse raises funds to give tools to youth from weak populations

Yeshivat Amit Ashdod

…Wonders and miracles

Darca Netivot

!High school in Netivot has joined Chaim BePlus