exploiting money

May we stop exploiting

It is hard to imagine that anyone of us exploiting money. Yet, in the Yom Kippur Neila service, we repeat these words 4 times. Let’s start the New Year by reaching out to people in distress and giving them resources to avoid exploitation

saving for children

Saving for the children

Effective financial education must accompany Israel’s Savings for Every Child, or the 23K NIS gift will go to waste. Read more about saving for the children

no taking loans

Just Say No To Taking Loans

Over 600,000 Israeli citizens are being processed by the Collection Authority for inability to pay back debts. Read how we can prevent this

Defining Poor

Defining Poor

Let’s redefine “poor” in Israel today and make smart decisions on how to allocate resources to truly help them

worthy cause

Preventing Poverty through Financial Education

Everyone wants to donate to a “worthy cause,” and especially to help poor people
Yes, we need to alleviate suffering, but we also need to designate tzedaka for Financial Education and poverty prevention